The Servant House - Vision

God called every church to be a Great Commission church. The Servant House does this by “Reaching and Strengthening Servants Worldwide for Christ.”

– Pastor Will Langstaff

This vision can only be given by a body of committed believers. A congregation of servants can then raise the vision to maturity. Hence, our vision is what shall be. Reaching and strengthening carries the weight of the five action words in the Great Commission of winning, baptizing, teaching, equipping, and leading. Once the essence of winning has been achieved, the process continues to maturity and then repeats itself. There are five levels to which a member should strive to attain because we are saved to SERVE and will BUILD TO SERVE.

SEEKING – “… to glorify God …”

The Servant House family believes that honoring God with our very best is an essential quality of Christian living. Through all of our ministry programming and campus facilities, we strive to display excellence in all things to the glory of God. Great care is taken to ensure a wonderful, worshipful environment in every area of ministry.

ENCOURAGING – “… making an eternal difference in this generation …”

Under the direct commission of Jesus Christ, The Servant House exists to reach those in our neighborhoods and around the world who have yet to come to faith in Jesus Christ. Our church programming, services and ministry models all point toward sharing the message of the Gospel with individuals and families. In every service, a public invitation is given to allow people to respond to this clear message of hope and eternal promise. We also provide multiple opportunities to invite unbelieving friends and family members to hear the Gospel. And every member of the church is challenged to share their faith daily in work, schools and social settings.

RELATING – “… to as many people as possible …”

The joyful responsibility of every member of The Servant House includes fully engaging in the life of the church. We ask and expect members to faithfully volunteer in multiple areas of church ministry. We challenge every member to participate in a local, national or international mission activity. And finally, we believe that every member has a financial responsibility to support the work of Christ on earth through the Church. By participating in each of these areas of service, a member will experience the fullness of this church fellowship.

VERIFYING – “… and developing them in Christian living …”

One of the great passions of this church family is to intentionally share in the process of Christian growth and development of individuals and families. The Servant House offers many outlets for discipleship—personally and corporately—through training, mentoring and our vast Bible Fellowship Ministry. Classes are offered at various times on weekends and throughout the week to strengthen the faith of those who believe, and to encourage those who are on a journey toward faith.

EMPOWERING – “… using the most effective means to impact the world …”

The Servant House is committed to using new and innovative strategies to reach people for Christ. PowerPoint, the message continues after the weekend Worship Service has ended. Locally,The Servant House has added campuses so that members can invite neighbors to church, allowing us to reach new communities with the same message.

Build To Serve: Seeking, Encouraging, Relating, Verifying, and Empowering. Each letter in the acrostic SERVE denotes a key function in our strategy to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19,20)