What’s New at The Servant House

What’s New at The Servant House

Welcome to The Servant House!

For just a moment, forget everything you know about church. Now, imagine a family oriented place to worship God where the gospel of Christ is shared locally and abroad.

Imagine a place where no one does life alone but rather does life together through Life Groups. This is The Servant House! We are a church on a mission to reach and strengthen servants worldwide for Christ. It is our desire for you to join us and become part of this community. There is no better place for you to grow in Christ than in the local church!

Pastor Will Langstaff



One of the greatest measure of love is one’s willingness to give.  God has given us all we possess in this world and that which is yet to come. Therefore, God is the Ultimate Giver.  There is no greater Gift from God than His Son, Jesus the Christ. Younger me missed this as I thought it was my money to do as I please and skip the offering when I didn’t have plenty for my needs and wants. One day it hit me, I am not truly giving my money to the church…. I am giving back a portion of what God gave me.  It was a “WOW” moment. We are blessed when we give to others. Jesus said, “…what you have done to the least of my brothers, you have done to me.” When we make money our servant, we can giveback to the Lord in joy. Giving back to God the best of our time, talents and treasures shows He is first in our life. Come learn about this wonderful blessing of stewardship that keep the “WOW” in our life worshiping God with our best.


November 3rd

Keep the First Thing First to be Contentment

1 Tim 6:6-10

November 10th

Keep the First Thing First to be Exhalted

Mark 10:23-27

November 17th

Keep the First Thing First to be Wise

Mark 12:13-17

November 24th

Keep the First Thing First to be Thankful

Psalm 136:1-3

Prayer is the bridge from temporal mortal power to the Awesome Eternal All Wise Almighty God in the heavens and over of creation.  When you find yourself in a GAP (God Absent Present) go to God in prayer. Go with the ACTS (Adore God, Confess our sins, Thank God for what He has done and Supplicate for our needs). Find a place and set aside a time where you can have unbroken communications God. If the one who is praying does all the talking, then there is no true communications. Communications is two way process with speaking and listening/hearing. To best hear from God, we must remove distraction like Jesus when He went to a solitary place to pray. When we are not connecting to God in prayers or lacking in power, then it is time to increase our connectivity and power fasting. Since focus determines everything (FDE), let keep focused on obedience to God (His Word, Way and Will) for guidance to sure victory.

November 6th

Pray in Preparation to Bridge the Gap

Luke 6:12-16; Mark 3:13-16

November 13th

Pray in Vigilance to Bridge the Gap

Mark 14:32-41

November 20


Guest: Pastor Stephen Parbarker

November 27th

Prayer Meeting

Rev. CJ


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FOCUS 2019

Seek First the Kingdom of God for Endless Celebrations with Christ

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33


We ask that all members do the “Sevens” (Membership Action Plan)

A.C.T.S. (Adore God. Confess sin. Thank God. Supplicate.)

Pray A.C.T.S. to God at least seven times each day.

Provide at least seven A.C.T.S. of kindness to your family each week.

Provide at least seven A.C.T.S. of kindness to your TSH family each week.

Invite monthly at least seven unchurched people to TSH.

Every member covenant to bring one new member.