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For just a moment, forget everything you know about church. Now, imagine a family oriented place to worship God where the gospel of Christ is shared locally and abroad.

Imagine a place where no one does life alone but rather does life together through Life Groups. This is The Servant House! We are a church on a mission to reach and strengthen servants worldwide for Christ. It is our desire for you to join us and become part of this community. There is no better place for you to grow in Christ than in the local church!

Pastor Will Langstaff


What’s New at The Servant House

What’s New at The Servant House


Commit to HOPE

Webster’s Dictionary defines “commit” to carry into action deliberately a pledge or assign to some particular course or use. I define HOPE as “Hold On Pain Ends.” Continuous pain can lead to fear and a loss of hope. Some fear commitment because of uncertainty and a loss of hope. In this pandemic of systemic racial injustice, political election uncertainty, an unknown date of a safe, sure COVID19 vaccine, many need hope. We can fearlessly “Commit to HOPE” (Hold On Pain Ends) because of our Faithful God. Psalm 71 suggests crying out in prayer and praise from an experienced saint, who has learned from an early age to commit to hope. It expresses committed trust based on a long fellowship with God. In 1836, Charles Simeon, an evangelical clergyman, retired after 54 years of ministry at Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge. A friend discovered he still got up at 4 am to light his fireplace to spend time alone with God. He asked, “Mr. Simeon, do you not think that, now you are retired, you might take things more easily?” “What?” replied the old man, “Shall I not now run with all my might when the winning-post is in sight?” I saw in Pastor Simeon his unending commitment to HOPE knowing he is to “Hold On Pain Ends.” In Ps 71, the psalmist vowed greater praise to God for lifelong deliverance by His power, to “always have hope,” and to always praise God. Despite life’s troubles, we can count on God to restore His children. All who live a life of hope in God endlessly resorts to Him by faith, praise, and prayer for His promises that enable us to “Hold On Pain Ends.” Believers are justified at salvation to receive peace, grace and hope to grow in tribulation, perseverance and character. The best hope is grounded in peace. Paul in Romans 5:1-5 encourages all who have trusted in Jesus as their Savior to have hope with peace. This faith gives us peaceful power to “Commit to HOPE” through our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us continually glorify God, giving the message of HOPE to family, friends, and all dealing with some form of these pandemics, knowing it will produce perseverance, character and hope. HOPE does not disappoint, because of the endless love of God in us by the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

October 4

Serve God  – Serve People

Rev. Stephen Prabhakar

October 11

Rev. C. J. McCary – The Conclusion to the Whole Matter

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

October 18

Commit to HOPE (Hold On Pain Ends) Part One

Psalm 71:1-6

October 25

Commit to HOPE (Hold On Pain Ends) Part Two

Romans 5:1-5

Growing in Christ These Days

For many, this pandemic season is frightening. The fear of an unknown virus causes people to panic.  Panic causes people to act irrational; irrational thinking causes people to turn away from God in search of a return to normal (Israel wilderness-Num 11:5).  We long for a normal that is gone.

That is what is happening during this pandemic covid19. People are desperately searching and hoping for a normal that is gone.  The Bible tells us that a time of unprecedented famine, plague, pestilence and persecution, unrest is coming (Lk 21:8-11).  It will be unlike any other time in the history of mankind.  Normal will be gone!  While believers are not immune, we are forewarned, to watch, be prepared, don’t panic (vs9a).

The world is trying to find all kinds of ways to get back to the way it was.  Finding a vaccine will not get us there.  Worrying about who will be the next Supreme Court Justice or next President will not get us there either.  We are spiraling out of control, thank God, never out of His control.

It is clear we are living in the beginning of end of days events, but the end will not come immediately (vs9b).  But life will never be the same.  So, How can we Keep Growing in Christ these days?

October 7

Keep Growing

Col 2:2-7

October 14

Keep Giving

Deut 14:23

October 21

Keep Loving

John 13:34-35

October 28

Keep Praying 

Phil 4:4-9


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FOCUS 2020

Serve Like Jesus

 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. Romans 12:1

We ask that all members do the “Sevens” (Membership Action Plan)

A.C.T.S. (Adore God. Confess sin. Thank God. Supplicate.)

Pray A.C.T.S. to God at least seven times each day.

Provide at least seven A.C.T.S. of kindness to your family each week.

Provide at least seven A.C.T.S. of kindness to your TSH family each week.

Invite monthly at least seven unchurched people to TSH.

Every member covenant to bring one new member.